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There are several kinds of headshots for actors. One category of Los Angeles actor headshots is commercial. Commercial headshots, as the name suggests, are headshots with commercial intent. They are used for magazines, billboards, television commercials, and any other type of acting with a mainstream audience. Commercial acting reaches the largest audience. Therefore, directors searching for commercial actors want individuals who either appeal to the masses or who can effectively sell a product by reaching a certain demographic. In either case, you’ll need to make sure that you look the part. Headshot Truck has recommendations to help.

Commercial vs. Theatrical Headshots

Commercial and theatrical are the two main categories for Los Angeles actor headshots. It’s important to know that they have different purposes and therefore require different types of headshots. Theatrical headshots have a very professional tone, even for comedic actors. The point of a theatrical headshot is to show yourself as a capable actor who is also serious about an acting career. For this type of headshot, it’s best to use darker tones for a background and for your clothing. A neutral or even serious expression is preferred. The goal of commercial headshots, on the other hand, is to appear friendly, warm, and similar to the target audience.

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Preparing for a Commercial Headshot

To connect with an audience, actors need to look the part. A warm and friendly smile is essential for any commercial headshot. Commercial headshots have a more relaxed vibe than theatrical headshots, which should show through in your choice of clothing and overall appearance. Softer-colored clothes are preferred for acting headshots. If you choose to wear makeup, it should be soft and natural-looking as well.

One question many actors have is how to dress for a commercial headshot. Experts recommend choosing colors that pop. In contrast to theatrical headshots, it’s best to avoid dark or gray colors for commercial headshots, as they convey a seriousness that can detract from the energy of a shot. Ideally, you should wear brighter colors that complement your skin, hair, and eye color without causing a distraction. As with any headshot, be sure to avoid graphics, stripes, and bold patterns. If you only have darker-colored clothing, make sure to choose a lighter background color.

Do Research Beforehand

Knowing what kinds of clothing you should wear for standout commercial headshots is a good start. But you may also want to do some research beforehand to see what other commercial actors are wearing. If you’re planning to sell cars, for instance, try watching some car commercials before your headshot. How is the actor posing? What is his or her facial expression? What kinds of clothing is he or she wearing? What do you find appealing about the image, and what is the actor doing that makes you want to buy the product? Brushing up on the overall message that successful actors convey is a great way to make yourself look more marketable and have a better chance of landing a commercial acting role.

Have a Current Headshot

In the acting industry, styles and looks continuously change. Therefore, experts recommend updating your headshot at least once every two years to make sure your look is current. If your looks change dramatically within those two years, such as if you lose or gain more than 10 pounds or get a completely different haircut, it’s best to get a new headshot reflecting those changes. Child actors should get new headshots at least once each year, since their looks are constantly changing.

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Be Yourself

Hiring directors regularly complain about actors looking different in person than on paper. And research shows it happens about 25 times of the time! Making sure to update your headshot is a good start in making sure your appearance matches a hiring director’s impression of you. No matter what you wear or when you take your headshot, however, it’s important to be yourself. Doing so makes you appear more relaxed and genuine in your headshots.

In order to have a successful commercial headshot, you’ll need to make a good first impression. Headshot Truck, offering the best headshots in Los Angeles, will gladly help you out. Contact us today to inquire about scheduling a headshot at our offices in LA or through our mobile headshot truck, which makes it easier to arrange a headshot around your schedule.