LA headshots

Every actor dreams of making the big screen. Getting there is possible with some luck and a lot of legwork. There are approximately 135,000 actors in the US alone, and more seek employment each day! That means if you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll have to make a good impression on the hiring director and be prepared with all the right materials. Here’s what you need to get started.

Get a Quality Headshot

LA headshots are one of the most essential tools for an actor. Headshots are crucial for any profession, but they are especially valuable for actors. Generally, the first time you meet a hiring director is when you apply for a role. That means the first impression a director has of you comes from your resume and supporting materials. A headshot in your resume helps a director get a sense of who you are and your style of acting. Within about seven seconds, a hiring director will decide, even subconsciously, if you’re a good fit for the part. If you don’t have a headshot or think it’s time for an update, don’t hesitate to contact Headshot Truck if you’re wondering, “where can I get headshots near me?”.

Have a Resume and Reel

Actors also need a standout resume to make an excellent first impression. As with any career, your resume should be up-to-date and properly formatted. A resume should also highlight any special skills you have and list any significant acting roles that you’ve had. Submitting a reel along with your resume is also a great way to attract attention. If you also send in a reel, make sure it contains small 10-15-second segments that a hiring team can quickly review.

Go Social

You probably have at least one social media account for your personal life. However, social media can also be a great tool for business. And if you haven’t yet used it for job-searching purposes, you’re missing out! The majority (79{c60618cd33f8454ace9542dd2b76166f05fc13f8d222df3325ac925377e6e653}) of job seekers say that they use at least one type of social media for their job-search efforts. Over 80{c60618cd33f8454ace9542dd2b76166f05fc13f8d222df3325ac925377e6e653} of recruiters scour social media sites for prospective hires, too. Facebook and LinkedIn are the top social sites for employment.

Keep a Journal or Diary

You may attend many auditions as an aspiring actor. This step might seem elementary, but it’s quite helpful. Jotting down notes such as the audience, hiring team, role, and how you prepared for the audition helps you understand where you may need to make improvements.

Getting to Broadway is a fantasy for many actors. While some get a lucky break, most have to work to get there! A great place to start is with a quality headshot. If you need a new headshot, don’t hesitate to contact Headshot Truck for assistance. With a mobile truck and offices in LA, we make it easy and convenient to get quality LA headshots.