There are many moving parts involved in creating a quality headshot. While you are the main attraction of the headshot, the ambient details matter too! One critical aspect of the headshot that can be overlooked is the background. From your skin tone to eyes and hair color, having the right background makes you stand out. Considering it takes a hiring manager less than 10 seconds to decide if you’re in or out, first impressions count.

Choose Complementary Colors

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When selecting the right background, choosing the right colors is vital. The colors that you choose should complement your skin tone, hair color, and the outfit that you’re wearing. Ideally, the background should contain colors that create depth and dimension. The ,,best headshots LA will make you stand out from the crowd without detracting from the serious and professional tone that you want to convey to advance your career.

“Wear the Backdrop”

Now that you know wearing complementary colors is essential, you’re probably wondering what colors to choose. Headshot photographers call this “wearing the backdrop.” That means choosing colors that make you look your best. The goal is to avoid looking washed out and unnatural. Eye color is an excellent place to start. If you have green eyes, for example, a green-colored background makes your eyes pop. A background should also consider skin tone. If you have red-tinted skin, avoid red backgrounds. Light blue or grey tones work best with olive-colored skin. Contrasting colors are also a good option. If you’re wearing light clothes, try a dark background, and vice versa.

What is the Headshot For?

,,LA headshots benefit actors of all genres. Keeping your acting style in mind is important for a great headshot. Commercial acting headshots, for instance, should be taken with a bright background to help you stand out. Theatrical headshots provide more room for creativity and expressing your personality. If you are not sure what specific details a hiring manager might be looking for, your photographer can make expert recommendations to create an eye-catching headshot that will turn heads. Regardless of whether your headshot is for commercial or theatrical roles, remember that a natural look is always best.

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Ultimately, the goal of our LA headshots is to help you look your best. After a photo session, you can view the photos in real-time with the photographer to choose the best ones. If you’re looking to advance your career, contact us today for the best headshots in Los Angeles.