One of the most important things about your headshot is your appearance. Before you start taking your headshot, you and your photographer will communicate heavily to ensure the outcome fits exactly what you need.

In the film world, you may have heard of the phrase “last looks”, this means the last lookover before a shoot to make sure everything is in place. During your actor headshot session, you and your photographer will go over a last look to make sure the three main areas are reviewed and ready for your professional headshot:

    • Hair
    • Makeup
    • Wardrobe

1. Hair

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Before you start shooting, take a look in the mirror to make sure your hair looks natural and nothing is out of place. A little bit of hairspray or moisture is a good idea, but don’t go overboard. You want to make sure you maintain your natural look. Before your official shoot begins, your photographer will take a practice image that you can review to make sure everything looks in place.

If during the shoot the photographer adjusts your hair, let them do it and try to refrain from touching it yourself.

2. Makeup

When shooting a professional headshot, a little makeup goes a long way. There’s a saying on camera that goes “start light, and layer as needed.” Once you see how your makeup appears on camera, you will quickly see that less makeup goes a long way, even if you are accustomed to wearing more.

If you need any advice, ask your photographer and they will be happy to help.

3. Wardrobe

Make sure everything is clean and wrinkle-free. Many actor headshot sessions have a steamer on set, but taking the time to steam your wardrobe can take away time from shooting. If you run hot or sweat when nervous, stick to darker colors.

If needed, we carry lint rollers and clothespins to make any small adjustments needed to wardrobes while shooting.

Actor Headshots with The Headshot Truck

We hope you find these tips helpful and get you ready for your future headshot. We can’t wait to start working and seeing all of you again!

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