Influencers have a lot of power. They’re used by approximately 85of companies in a given industry. About 92 of marketers consider influencer marketing to be an effective strategy. So with all the power that they have already, why need more? The reality is that in today’s society, image is everything. More people (about 60 of the population) are visual learners who prefer to look at images rather than text. And when it comes to marketing and selling products, majority rules. Ready to be a master influencer? Here’s how.

Be Yourself

No matter how much you spend or what clothes you wear, the best influencer headshots capture your personality. As a blogger, marketer, or brand ambassador, chances are good you already have a cult following of individuals who like what you’re offering. But if they can see themselves in you, even better!

Look Your Best

To get the best shot, professionals recommend using a natural smile and looking either straight at the camera or off into the distance. In contrast, you should never look down or sideways from the camera. Doing so projects an image of insecurity or embarrassment, which is certainly not a way to win over consumers! What to wear on the big day? A basic background and simple, preferably darker colors for clothing are ideal. Despite what you might think, piling on makeup is not the solution to a great headshot. Arriving with a healthy dose of confidence and a good night’s sleep are much more effective.

Be Consistent

Influencers wear many hats. But to get the best headshots in LA, the expert advice is simple. Consistency is key! As an influencer, the great thing is that you can just be yourself. If you have a more casual vibe, dress accordingly for your headshot.

Similarly, if your tone is more serious and professional, you’ll want to appear that way for the best results in your headshot. Experts recommend only wearing a traditional suit and tie if that’s the image and audience you’re catering to. Otherwise, anything goes.

Choose the Right Photographer

To get a headshot just right, you’ll need to pair with someone who “gets” you. There are many photographers out there, and each one has a slightly different approach. Some, for instance, might specialize in showcasing individuals in a more natural setting. Others are geared towards a traditional studio and magazine-ready feel. Before hiring a photographer for influencer headshots, make sure his or her style matches your own!

As an influencer, it’s imperative that you get – and stay – a step ahead of the competition. Therefore, getting a standout headshot is critical. Contact The Headshot Truck today to learn more about the benefits of a professional headshot and schedule an appointment on our fully equipped and retrofitted mobile photography studio.