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The new year is a time for resolutions. For actors, January is the perfect time to get serious about a career. Besides the fact that it’s the start of a new calendar year, January also marks the beginning of Pilot Season, which is one of the busiest times of the year for actors and directors. Now that you’ve decided it’s time to advance your career, how do you start? Fortunately, we have some tips and suggestions to get an agent’s attention.

Get a Headshot

If you want to get ahead in the acting industry, actor headshots are essential. In just 10 seconds, a quality headshot can make your resume stand out from the crowd. For busy agents and directors, that short window of opportunity is critical! If you don’t yet have a headshot, it’s time to find a professional to help out. If you already have a headshot, make sure it’s still current. Actors should update their headshots every two years. Children should update their actor headshots every six months. Any time you dramatically alter your appearance (such as gaining or losing more than 10 pounds or getting a hair makeover) or switch acting styles, you should get a new headshot to reflect those changes.

Research Agents

Just as you’d do some background research before hiring someone to work on your home, you should also scope out agents before approaching one to help you out. It’s relatively easy to find directories and online resources with agents’ information. By checking out an agent in advance, you’ll get a sense of whether or not you’re a good match based on acting style, career objectives, and personality.

Ask For Recommendations

Instead of blindly searching for agents online, ask people you know for personal recommendations. This can include acting instructors, fellow actors, industry professionals, and even your relatives. Along with getting recommendations of agents to use, you can also inquire about agents to avoid. If you are asking industry professionals or other actors for recommendations, consider handing them a copy of your resume so that they can suggest an agent who specializes in your style of acting.

Show Your Stuff

Once you’ve identified agents of interest, it’s time to send in your materials. This should include your acting headshots, a current resume, and a cover letter. If you have a reel, be sure to submit it as well. As with college applications, it’s best to have “first choices” and “second choices” when searching for agents. If your “first choice” agents don’t respond, send out your materials to the others.

For the new year, what better resolution to make than jump-starting your acting career? If you need a place to start, the Headshot Truck is here to help. Our professional team captures quality headshots for actors throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas thanks to our fully-equipped mobile photography studio. Visit our website to see where we’re traveling to next!