1. Commercial or Theatrical Headshots?

The acting industry is notoriously diverse. And tough! As an actor, therefore, you’ll want to get the right kind of headshot for your career. Actor headshots in Los Angeles fall into two main categories: commercial and theatrical. Both have very distinct goals, and they’ll be viewed by agents in very different ways. Some actors focus on one area or the other, while others prefer to broaden their outreach and get headshots in both categories. Before scheduling a headshot session, here’s what to know about both. Read more about commercial and theatrical headshots here.

2. Less is More

Don’t overdue hair and makeup. Your headshot needs to be an accurate representation of who you are and how you define your personal brand. Casting directors want actors who look like their headshots. This also includes how your dress for your upcoming professional headshot. Consider background colors and make sure to stray away from outfits that are too distracting.

3. Go professional

Although phone cameras have come a long way in the last decade, the overall quality of unprofessional photos tells casting directors you might not be serious about your future in acting. An acting headshot is a vital investment in your future as an actor. Hire a professional who focuses specifically on headshots to ensure you ‘wow’ casting directors from the start.

4. Lighting and Background

This is where you can discuss with your photographer exactly what you’re looking to get out of your headshot. When you work with a professional headshot photographer, they ensure that lighting & backgrounds aren’t too distracting, yet define exactly what you want when it comes to your headshot.

5. Remember, You’re Selling Yourself

You are your own brand, and your headshot represents that. Casting directors should be able to look at your headshots and see a unique photo that defines who you are. Make sure you hire a photographer who understands that not every actor should have the same style/look. Also, make sure you focus on making eye contact during your photoshoot. If you feel uncomfortable, ask the photographer to give you some tips for feeling and looking relaxed in front of the camera. They’d be happy to help!

6. Be you!

What makes you stand out from the crowd? What’s your defining signature look/feature? Focus on letting your personality shine through, while staying true to who you are.

7. Choose the Best Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles

At The Headshot Truck, our team of professional stylists and photographers ensure your headshots turn out exactly how you envisioned. With a fully equipped mobile photography studio that comes to you, we make it simple and easy to get the leg up you need and take the Los Angeles acting scene by storm.

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