It might seem like a simple step when applying for a job, but the question of “how do I effectively attach a headshot to my resume?” is more common than you might think. And for a good reason – there’s a very narrow list of “do’s” and “don’ts”! Ideally, you would have about 10-20 actor headshots to pass out when you’re first meeting a director or attending a networking event. However, if you’re working with just one, there are some excellent tips to keep in mind to make sure you give it your best shot. Considering 55{c60618cd33f8454ace9542dd2b76166f05fc13f8d222df3325ac925377e6e653} of your initial impression is based on appearance, it’s essential to get it right!

Hire a Professional

Having a friend take your picture works fine for informal Facebook posts. But in the professional world, you’ll want to look the part. A professional knows all the tips and techniques to take actor headshots that stand out. From your eye color to the ideal background, a professional knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to gaining recognition and respect.

Pay Attention to Details

Ideally, you should choose an image that looks most like yourself. However, be aware that requirements (and even preferences) for headshots vary by director and location. Before taking and submitting a headshot, be sure to consider industry requirements. Some might ask for small thumbnail headshots, while others want larger graphics. If your ideal acting gig requires close-up headshots, get one of yourself that shows only your face, neck, and shoulders.

First is … Worst?

Applying for an acting gig differs from a conventional job application in many ways. For actors, your most recent experience is not necessarily what matters to directors most. Instead, they’ll want to know that the acting experience you’ve had in the past means you’d be capable of acting with their team. Ideally, experts recommend highlighting the roles you’ve had with professional productions first. If you played a leading role in a popular play, put it first on your resume. The same applies to film and television work.

Separate Words and Pictures

Paying attention to formatting can mean the difference between a sloppy-looking resume and a professional one. What many people don’t realize is that depending on the ink and paper they use, the headshot and first line of text can bleed into each other. Therefore, be sure to leave plenty of space between the two. Alternatively, ask a Los Angeles headshot photographer to ensure you’re proceeding correctly!

Attaching an image to a resume is half the battle in getting a director’s attention. Given the dozens of resumes they receive daily, you’ll want to have one that stands out! Paying attention to the quality of your image and its location on your resume is key to success. If you want a standout headshot, don’t hesitate to contact The Headshot Truck. Our retrofitted & fully equipped mobile photography studio in tandem with our expert photographers will ensure you get actor headshots that stand out from the crowd.