photography near me
photography near me

What happens if I lose my photos or my link expires?

Your photos are available for download for 60 days from the date of delivery. We strongly recommend you download them during that period. After final delivery, a $25 data recovery fee will be applied should you misplace your files and need us to send them again. We store your images for 1 year from the

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What happens after my shoot?

After your session, all of your photos will be delivered to you digitally 5 business days after your shoot. All photos are color corrected. You'll receive an email with a private link to your online gallery which you can share and easily get feedback about favorites to make your final selections. You will also receive

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Do you have any general tips on what to wear?

Clothing can make you feel great or miserable, as we all know!  So this is an important part of your shoot. However, you don’t want the main focus to be what you’re wearing so keeping your choices simple in color, design, and texture is important too. Don’t discount options that might have odd necklines or

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I am getting business headshots, what should I wear? 

If you are a business professional, we recommend wearing what you wear to the office. So, if you are a suit and tie person, you should wear that. If you go to the office in jeans in a T-shirt, we recommend that. Wearing what you wear on a daily basis lets clients see you how

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Is hair and makeup included?

No, Since every actor’s wants and needs are a little different, we do not include makeup as part of our services. However, we do have makeup artists that we can refer you to. We do prefer you come camera ready so it does not cut in to your shoot time. If you are planning on

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How should I prepare for my shoot?

Your shoot day should be relaxing and fun so that you get the most out of it! To help make things a little easier, here are some of our thoughts:  Have your wardrobe options out and ready a day before so that you aren’t rushing on shoot day.  Allow extra time to get up, nobody

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How do I know what look to go for?

Before the big day, do some research to study other headshots that you like. What do you find most appealing about them? How is the actor standing, and what is he or she wearing? Taking the time to understand what you like (or what you don't) about a headshot can go a long way in

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Do you have any packages for dancers?

We do not have specific packages for dancers, but we are more than happy to photograph you! If you are a dancer, you would purchase one of the actor packages and we would be able to get the looks you need such as full glam, commercial, fitness, urban/ streetwear, and/or any other look you may

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