photography near me
photography near me

About the Trucks 

Our trucks are the size of food trucks or those FedEx/UPS box trucks you see all the time. She has been retrofitted into an awesome studio that makes you feel like you are in a brick and mortar studio.

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Where do you shoot?

We're mobile, so we park in different neighborhoods within the greater Los Angeles Area and Orange County every week. We can also bring our Truck to your acting studio, talent agency, or event for private Express Days.

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Can I shave on the truck?

There is no running water on the truck. If you need to shave between looks we suggest you contact us about splitting your time over two sessions.

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How do I know which photos to choose?

We deliver all of your photos along with a tab of your Favorites, which were chosen by you and the photographer during your shoot. That way you and your team (agent, classmates, mom) know what photos stood out the most.

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What if I’m not happy with my images? 

You will see your images during your shoot so that you are able to confirm the shoot has been to your full satisfaction before leaving the studio. However, let's face it, some days are better than others. If for any reason your images are not what you expected, then we pledge to get it right.

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How long until I get my images?

Proofs will be sent in 5 business days via Pixieset. Final, retouched images will be sent within 5 business days from the time you make your selections through Pixieset via the provided link. 24 hour ASAP delivery is available for an added $99 if you are on a deadline - please email us and let

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Do I get the raw files?

We do not distribute raw files in order to maintain quality control of our images, however, your photos will be largely un-retouched with the exception of some light color correction and cropping.

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What’s included in the retouching, if I order it?

Retouching includes minor fixes to any fly-away hairs, lightly brightening eyes and teeth, subtly making the skin smoother, or removing small blemishes. Retouch plus includes all of the above at a higher level as well as removing glasses glare removal and softening wrinkles. Any extreme requests are subject to a higher fee.

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